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Adobe ImageReady

Adobe ImageReady was a bitmap graphics editor that was shipped with Adobe Photoshop by Adobe Systems. It was available on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms from 1998 to 2007.

ImageReady had fewer features than Photoshop and was designed for quick editing of web graphics rather than effects-intensive graphics editing. To that end, ImageReady has specialized features such as animated GIF creation, image compression optimization, image slicing and rollover effects, and HTML generation.

The Photoshop Toolbox had a quick link to ImageReady the Jump to ImageReady button enables editing of the current image directly in ImageReady. The ImageReady toolbox is similar to Photoshop's toolbox. One set of tools that looks different, however, is the Image Map set of tools, indicated by a shape or arrow with a hand. The toolbox includes several features not found in Photoshop, including:
  • Toggle Image Map Visibility and Toggle Slice Visibility tools These tools toggle between showing and hiding image maps and slices, respectively.
  • Preview Document tool This tool provides a preview of rollover effects in ImageReady rather than viewing them in a browser.
  • Preview in Default Browser tool This tool previews the image in a browser, including any rollover or animation effects.
  • Jump to Photoshop This button opens the current image in Photoshop.